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Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa Review

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (15)

Reviewed By Kate Maitland-Gleed

Star Rating: 5 Stars

Now, I have never seen Alan Partridge; shock horror, but I’m sure as heck glad I went to see the film! This was the first movie that people were staying in their seats once the lights came up, just to see if there was more. Sadly there wasn’t more, but I felt no more was needed. There was enough romance, enough thrill; the only thing that lacked was the comedy… Of course I’m joking! I haven’t laughed that much at a film for ages! Steve Coogan is a brilliant actor, and I’m so glad that he decided to make this film.

Colm Meany (who plays Pat Farrell) joins Coogan to bring us this brilliant film. We also see; Sean Pertwee, Anna Maxwell Martin, Simon Greenall (who plays Micheal), Nigel Lindsay (who plays Jason Tresswell), Monica Dolan (who plays Angela), Jaspal Badwell (who plays the Police Officer), Phil Cornwall (who plays Dave Clifton), Tim Key (who plays Simon), among others…Oh and of course, little Lynn Benfield (played by Felicity Montagu) is with us all the way!

With the screening completely sold out, from the word go, I knew this film was going to be a hit. And I wasn’t let down! From the little giggles, to the belly busting outbursts of laughter, the whole cinema were laughing and cheering throughout the whole film. As I said earlier, I have never seen the Alan Partridge television series, but I felt you didn’t have to have seen to watch the film. It was very well made, and very well executed by the actors. I know I say this quite a lot about film that I review, but this time, I one hundred and seventy eight percent mean it… This is defiantly one for the Christmas list. I might even treat myself to go and see it in the cinema again.

So grab your popcorn, you Maltesers, your ice-cream or your Coke, sit back, relax, and brace yourself for the biggest laugh of your lifetime. I’m not even kidding when I say your sides will be hurting by the end of it. Enjoy!

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