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The Fault In Our Stars Review

The Fault In Our Stars Review (12A)

Reviewed By Kate Maitland-Gleed

Star Rating: 5 Stars

“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” – John Green

To be perfectly honest, I was skeptical about this film adaptation of John Green’s book; ‘The Fault In Our Stars’. Not only was it the fact that the director Josh Boone may have changed certain elements dramatically, but also because the sad cancer-rigged love story has been used so much; for example, Dakota Fanning’s ‘Now Is Good’. But all doubt went away as soon as the film started! I was in awe all the way through, and the amazing actors and actresses made this story so believable, and sent home the message that this isn’t a fictional novel, it’s happening right now, and that’s the element that makes ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ such a touching film.

The casting for this film was perfect. I’ve never read the book, therefore I don’t know John Green’s original  image for each character, but from what I’ve heard from veteran readers, Shailene Woodley (playing Hazel) and Ansel Elgort (playing Gus) fit the description brilliantly! I mean, if John Green wanted his character Gus to be smoking hot and irresistibly easy to fall in love with, then Ansel Elgort is defiantly perfect! Flecks of comedy were unearthed in this sad tale by the character Issac (played by Nat Wolff), his sad cancer story is enlightened by his strange and confused optimism! The strong-willed parents of Hazel are played by Laura Dern and Sam Trammell. Their kind looks just help tug on your heart strings. Other famous faces within this film include Lotte Verbeek (playing Lidewij) and Willem Dafoe (playing Van Houten).

Within a moment, silence turned to sobbing. The sound of crying flooded the room and due to the intense story, nobody cared; they just sat on the edge of their seats, their eyes wide and tear filled, and fell in love with this beautiful film! I was quoting the film hours after watching it. Now I absolutely hate reading, but by watching this brilliant adaptation, I can’t wait to go into town to find the bookshop! I really want to read John Green’s original novel… And that’s saying something! I will make time to go and watch this touching film again! See you at the Plaza!

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