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The Lone Ranger Review

The Lone Ranger (12A)

Reviewed By Kate Maitland-Gleed

Star Rating: 4 Stars

Do you remember that American actor; not very well known. He was in a couple of pirate films, one about a guy with cutlery for hands… Something Depp? Well, he has made yet another brilliant film. Another re-make of the 1938 ‘Lone Ranger’ but this time there’s a difference; it’s fricking fantastic! With a little bit of comedy, a little bit of romance and a whole lot of awesome-ness, this film is a must see!

The whole plot attracted me to go and watch ‘The Lone Ranger’, but also because I am 100 percent in love with Johnny Depp; although he is old enough to be my dad. I hadn’t seen Armie Hammer in any other films but I felt that he plays John Reid (the main character) perfectly; and along side his, who is equally perfect, Johnny Depp plays Tonto – the American Indian who brings that little bit of comedy to the film. Joining these two movie legends are; William Fichtner (who plays Butch Cavendish), Tom Wilkinson (who plays Cole), Ruth Wilson (who plays Rebecca Reid), Helena Bonham Carter (who plays Red Harrington), James Badge Dale (who plays Dan Reid), Bryant Prince (who plays Danny), along with many other names I am sure you will recognise.

I really enjoyed this film. I hadn’t seen any of the previous versions, so I didn’t know the full extent of the storyline. Plus, I’m not a fan of these cowboy western movies, but I was happily surprised. I was laughing throughout the whole film; as was the rest of the cinema, as Johnny Depp, as always, brought the laughs with his witty comments, and his weird and wacky ways. This is defiantly going to be added to my Christmas list and once you’ve seen it, I’m sure it will be added to yours as well!

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