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BLOG & FILM TIMES Fri 10 May until Thurs 16 May

Hi all!

Beam into the cinema this week to catch the sequel to 2009 smash hit Star Trek…. Star Trek Into Darkness ! It’s showing in 2 screens all week in both 2D and eye-popping digital 3D (tickets are the same price regardless of 2D or 3D, of course). 21 & Over, the new comedy from the makers of The Hangover,  stays with us this week… catch it while you can! There’s another chance to see The Croods on Saturday morning at 10am… on our biggest screen for only £1 a ticket! Disney documentary Chimpanzee is showing everyday at 5.30pm for those who need a fix of cute chimp to get them through the week! Iron Man 3 in 2D is still showing for those of you who haven’t seen it yet or who need a second helping! All Stars is still showing for the kids, and we’ve got Beat Girl, a story of a girl who has always dreamed of becoming a pianist showing on Mon, Tue, Wed and Thurs afternoon…. all that plus previews of The Great Gatsby in 2D on Thursday evening, and our live showings of Bolshoi Ballet – Romeo & Juliet, and N.T. Live: This House…. there really is something for everyone!!

Happy film-watching!!

– Dan (Plaza Front of House/ Usher Staff)

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BLOG & FILM TIMES Fri 3rd May until Thurs 9th May

Good afternoon all,

I hope you’ve had a good time enjoying the sun in the past few days! This week we’ve got 4 brand new films starting with us – 21 AND OVER (15) is the new comedy from the directors of The Hangover franchise – remember your ID for this film if you look under 18. ALL STARS (U) is a film about 2 kids who want to throw a dance show in order to attempt to save their local youth centre, looks set to be a good film to watch with the kids over the weekend or in the evening! The Disneynature film, CHIMPANZEE (U) which is all about an orphaned chimp is showing each day this week, so be sure to catch a slice of cuteness while you can! Last but not least…. the eagerly anticipated STAR  TREK INTO DARKNESS (12A) is showing on Thursday for those of you who are too keen to wait till the weekend! 2D showing at 7.40pm in screen 1 and the 3D show at 8pm in Screen 3.

Iron Man 3 in 2D and 3D is still showing for those of you who haven’t yet experienced it! Note the 3D version is not showing on Thursday however. Don’t forget if you missed out on WAR OF THE WORLDS ALIVE ON STAGE we’ve got another screening of Jeff Wayne’s musical version on Thurs May 23rd at 8pm – click here to book.

You can also book now for MAN OF STEEL in 2D and 3D, showing from June 14th.

Happy cinema-going! Lots to see this week

– Dan (Plaza Staff)

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BLOG & FILM TIMES 26th April until 2nd May

Hi everyone!

Sorry it’s a few days late, but here are this weeks’ film times until Thursday. Of course it’s the first week of the latest Marvel film… Iron Man 3. Tony Stark is back, bigger and better than ever! We’ve been busy for this film so it may be a good idea to book online. Iron Man 3 2D is our Plaza Babies film this week on Wed at the usual time of 12.00.

Olympus Has Fallen, Scary Movie 5 and Evil Dead are also all showing this week, however Scary Movie and Evil Dead both finish on Thursday.. see them while you can!!

Happy film watching!! We’ll see you all soon

– Dan (Plaza Staff)

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BLOG & FILM TIMES Fri 19 April until Thurs 25 April

Hey everyone!

Hope you’ve all had a good week… there’s plenty of choice if you’re taking the family to the cinema this weekend, including our Saturday Morning Pictures showing of Wreck-It Ralph at 10am – all tickets just £1!!

We’ve got a preview of 3D Iron Man 3 on Thursday at 8pm, with the film starting fully in 2D and 3D from Friday 26th April! Star Trek Into Darkness is now booking also!!

We are going to be showing Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre performances of Twelth Night, Taming of the Shrew and Henry 5 – also now booking!! Morgan Freeman stars in Olympus Has Fallen, which is showing everyday this week also! Have a great cinema-going week!

– Dan (Plaza Staff)

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BLOG & FILM TIMES Fri 12 until Thurs 18 April

Good afternoon everyone!

It’s been yet another very busy week for The Croods  – so  be sure to book and arrive early to ensure you get seats together! This week we have loads of films to enjoy (and I mean loads… There’s 14 if you include our War of the Worlds Alive on Stage event on Thursday 18th!). Saturday Morning Pictures are now at the earlier time of 10.00am and this week we’ve got Madagascar (the original) all seats just £1.00. We’ve got Olympus Has Fallen (15) starting Wednesday and the highly anticipated Evil Dead (18) starting Thursday – be sure to have your I.D. ready for both those films!

Showing everyday this week we’ve got OblivionG.I.Joe: Retaliation and the all new Scary Movie 5… we’ve also got The Host until Tuesday and Dark Skies up until Wednesday! Plaza Babies is back this week with The Host on Wed at 12.00. On Fri and Mon to Thurs at 4.45 we’ve also got an original comedy starring Matt Lucas – Small Apartments (15). And for the kids in the last few days of the holidays we’re showing The Croods, Jack the Giant Slayer, The Odd Life of Timothy Green and Oz: The Great and Powerful on Fri, Sat and Sun!!

NEWS!: NOW BOOKING FOR: IRON MAN 3 2D & 3D (Stars Fri 26 April)  ….. STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 2D & 3D (Starts Fri 10th May)…. and 3D SWAN LAKE LIVE FROM THE MARIINSKY THEATRE (Live show in 3D on June 23rd at 4pm) Check out to book for these hugely anticipated events!

Have a great cinema-going week!!

– Dan (Plaza Staff)

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BLOG & FILM TIMES Fri 5 April until Thurs 11 April

Hi everyone, it’s been a very busy week for us here at the Plaza. One of the most popular films is The Croods – so be sure to book to garuntee you a seat! We’ve got 3 new films starting this week… The Odd Life of Timothy Green – the new Disney film about a boy who’s a little bit different from the rest! All Things to All Men is a suspense/thriller from George Isaac, and we’ve also got the latest from the people who bought us chilling horrors Isidious and Sinister…. Dark Skies.

Don’t forget you can book NOW for IRON MAN 3, and we’ve got a LIVE performance of WAR OF THE WORLDS alive on stage on Thursday 18th April 7.30pm. Just to let you know that both screens for N.T. LIVE: The Audience on Thurs 13th June are SOLD OUT, and the “ENCORE” showing on Wed 19th June is also now SOLD OUT.

Hope you all have a great cinema-going week! To book, just head over to our website or pop in when the box office is open!

– Dan (Plaza Staff)

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FILM TIMES – Fri 22 March until Thurs 28 March

Hi everyone,

This week sees 3 brand new films burst onto our screens here at the Plaza! JACK THE GIANT SLAYER (12A) is an adaptation of the classic “Jack and the Giant Beanstalk” tale, and is showing in both 2D and eye-popping 3D this week! THE CROODS (U) is the latest family blockbuster from Dreamworks Animation and is all about a cave-family who must evolve or else they’ll go extinct, also showing in 2D and 3D. Last but not least… brand new comedy IDENTITY THEIF (15) starring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman is also showing here this week! Conintuing from last week, we’ve also got magical comedy THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE, and OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL. In our Saturday Morning Pictures this week, we’ve got PIRATES! IN AN ADVENTURE WITH SCIENTISTS (U) at 10.30am in Screen 3.

Happy cinema-going!! – Dan (Plaza Staff)




Fri, Mon & Tue 17:30*


Sat & Sun  12:50  15:40    17:30*


Wed    15:40  17:30*   


Thu    15:40  20:15**





Screen   3 (ground floor)


*Screen   1 (all 17:30 showings, top floor)


**Screen   2 (Thurs 20:15, middle floor)







Autism   Friendly Screening Sat 10:00 – Screen 4   (ground floor)

Fri, Mon & Tue   20:15

Sat, Sun & Wed    12:30  15:00 20:15

Thu     15:00  17:45**



Screen   1

(top floor)


**Except Thurs 17:45 Screen 2   (middle floor)





Fri – Wed      18:15 BOOK TICKETS


Screen   3

(ground floor)

JACK   THE GIANT SLAYER 3D   (12A)113760h1 Fri – Wed      20:40 BOOK TICKETS


Screen   3

(ground floor)




I.D.   May be required

Fri, Mon & Tue   18:00  20:30

Sat, Sun & Wed  13:00  15:30    18:00  20:30

Thu     15:30  18:00    20:30



Screen   4

(ground floor)

OZ:   THE GREAT & POWERFUL   2D (PG)117655h1[1] Fri & Mon – Wed   17:20

Sat & Sun  12:00 14:50  17:20



Screen   2

(middle floor)



I.D.   May be required

Fri – Tue  20:20

Wed    15:05  20:20

Thu   15:05



Screen   2

(middle floor)

Saturday Morning Pictures!

PIRATES!   IN AN ADVENTURE WITH SCIENTISTS (U)89afe1870d59794677005cc16a0d1ddf


Sat     10:30 BOOK TICKETS


Screen   3

(ground floor)

Plaza   Babies: exclusively for Mums or Dads with a baby   up to 36 months, only £2.50 a ticket and babies go free!


Wed     12:00 Tickets available on the door


Screen   3

(ground floor)

Live @ The Plaza


Thu     19:15 SOLD OUT


Screen   1 & Screen 3

(top floor & ground floor)