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REVIEW – Small Apartments

220px-Small_Apartments_FilmPoster200px-4_stars.svg[1]SMALL APARTMENTS (15)

Reviewed by Dan Spracklen

Starring Matt Lucas, this drama-comedy, and adaptation of Chris Millis’ novel, is a quirky tale of a group of people living in a building of, you guessed it, small apartments. Not quite the light-hearted comedy you might expect from Matt Lucas though, and certainly nothing like Little Britain (though there is a similarity with the various wigs his character likes to wear…). It all starts with Franklin Franklin, a clumsy deadbeat who is surrounded by odd neighbours. He has accidentally killed his landlord and is trying to work out what to do with the body… He’s got a dog called Nugget who is his only company, and is often seen leaving his apartment wearing only his tighty-whities.

This i’d say is very much an arthouse-y film, not for the faint hearted and surprisingly contains some gore. Having said that, i’d also describe it as a cinematic gem and would not hesistate seeing it again! Acting from Matt Lucas is very strong, as with the rest of the cast, which includes James Caan (Elf), and Juno Temple (The Dark Knight Rises).

A top-notch film from director Jonas Åkerlundsmall-apartments


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