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Carrie Review

Carrie (15)

Written By Kate Maitland-Gleed

Star Rating: 5 Stars

I have been looking forward to watching Carrie for 4 months. I was devastated when I thought the Plaza wasn’t going to show it. But this week they have been showing Carrie and it really made my week. It was brilliant! Staring the amazing Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrie, this film is a must see! I had only seen short clips of the 1976 version, and although slightly cringe-worthy, it still looked good back then, but that storyline mixed with today’s high-tech media and special effects, makes this  2013 remake even better and will have you on the edge of your seat all the way through.

Have you ever been bullied? Maybe wanted to get your revenge on those who treated you wrong? Well Carrie White gets this wish, and has unknowingly had the ability to do so all her life. After becoming a woman, Carrie develops hidden powers to control things with the strength of her mind. Her heavily religious mother in unaware of these dark talents but has always had doubts about her ‘little girl’. Urging her to pray and seek forgiveness from the Lord, along with the ongoing hate campaigns created by her fellow school students, has turned Carrie into a odious person who seeks revenge on those who have made her life the hell it has turned out to be. And what better place to do it but at the senior prom…

As I said earlier, Carrie White is played by the young budding actress; Chloë Grace Moretz; may I say she did a fine job. Her mother, Margaret is played by Julianne Moore. To accompany these two horrifyingly good stars is; Gabriella Wilde (plays Sue Snell), Portia Doubleday (plays Chris Hargensen), Judy Greer (plays Ms. Desjardin), Barry Shabaka Henley (plays Principle Morton) among many others.

Although at some points the acting was a bit cheesy, it linked well with the original film as Moretz used the same eerie movement as  Sissy Spacek did in the 1976 version. The gory scenes were really well finished, leaving you wanting more. After what these girls did to innocent Carrie, you know they deserved what they got! I am so glad I got to see this film, and I might even treat myself and go and watch it again! See you there!

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