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Kick-Ass 2 Review

Kick-Ass 2 (15)

Reviewed By Kate Maitland-Gleed

Star Rating: 4 Star

Although not as good as the first film, Kick- Ass 2 still had me laughing. With new characters, new problems and new mortal enemies, I was very much excited to see the next stage of the super-heroes lives. Also there was going to be a few major changes; one, Hit-Girl has grown up and is no longer the innocent child who can kill five guys with one bullet. Two, there’s no Big-Daddy, but his memory lives on, and three, no more drug dealing Frank D’Amico to hunt down, but will his son seek revenge?

Once again we see all the familiar faces; Aaron Taylor-Johnson (who plays Dave Lizewski, a.k.a Kick-Ass), Chloë Grace Moretz (who plays Mindy Macready, a.k.a Hit-Girl), and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (who plays Chris D’Amico, a.k.a The Motherf%&*^r). I’m not saying that these three couldn’t make a great film by themselves, but we need a little more bulk to the cast. How about this; Jim Carrey (who plays Colonel Stars and Stripes), Morris Chestnut (who plays Detective Marcus Williams), Claudia Lee (who plays Brooke), Clark Duke (who plays Marty, a.k.a Battle Guy), Augustus Prew (who plays Todd, a.k.a Ass Kicker), Garrett M. Brown (who plays Mr. Lizewski), Robert Emms (who plays Insect Man), Lindy Booth (who plays Night B&^*h) among others!

I was really looking forward to seeing this film as the first ‘Kick-Ass’ if one of my favourite watches, but I must say I was a little let down. Of course, the fights scenes were good and some of the new characters were very cool (I’m talking about ‘Mother Russia’), but the whole ‘super-villain’ plot behind Chris D’Amico was slightly lame. Plus the film had more sexual suggestion which I felt wasn’t needed. But as always, I did find Hit-Girl the best character. She is so awesome!!! Mind you, she didn’t have as bigger part in this film as she did in the previous one. And when we did see her, we saw how she has changed as she has grown up. Meeting boys, going on dates, wanting a first kiss… And then breaking the necks of people who hurt her friends! So, I probably will be seeing this film again but not in a hurry.

Oh, but I really want a ‘Sick-Stick’!! You’ll see…

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