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The Conjuring Review

The Conjuring (15)

Reviewed By Kate Maitland-Gleed

Star Rating: 5 Star

Holy smokes… This is one scary film! This was my first horror movie I have seen in the cinema… In the dark… At night! And to be honest, I don’t think I will be sleeping very well for a long while! ‘The Conjuring’ had it all, suspense, blood, terror, scary faces, and a heck of a lot of jump-scares! And to add to it all, it is based on a true story… Bare that in mind before you take the family to the cinema to watch this!!!

I feel that the cast was chosen very well for this film. In particular, the Warren couple were casted perfectly. Patrick Wilson, who plays Ed Warren, and Vera Farmiga, who plays Lorraine Warren, makes the difference from ‘another bog-standard horror film’, to ‘I was so scared but I’ll have to buy it on DVD just to check’! The family who needs the Warren’s help, is made up of; Lili Taylor (who plays Carolyn Perron), Ron Livingston (who plays Roger Perron), Shanley Caswell (who plays Andrea Perron), Hayley McFarland (who plays Nancy Perron), Joey King (who plays Christine Perron), Mackenzie Foy (who plays Cindy Perron), and Kyla Deaver (who plays April Perron). And might I add, that Kyla Deaver portrayed her character brilliantly for a girl of her age. Joining the Warrens to help release this family from the clasp of a demonic spirit, is Shannon Kook (who plays Drew) and John Brotherton (who plays Brad).

With a cinema full of people, I knew this film was going to be a hit. Before the film had even started, people where already questioning whether or not they will live to tell the tale! Of course, I was not one of those people… (Cough, cough!). What I particularly loved about this film, was that it incorporated  a humble children’s game, and turned it into something of the unspeakable; to cut a long story short, I won’t be playing it anytime soon! A lot of gasps and a fair few screams; not just from the women may I add, proves that this film is a must see. But don’t go alone!

I have one question for you… Do you want to play hide and clap???

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