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Review – Monsters University

Monsters University (U)


reviewed by Dan Spracklen1001490_10151686957589312_1387255512_n
Kids and grown ups alike will love this prequel to 2001’s family favourite. We see Mike and Sully as kids starting University, at Monsters University – where they want to become scarers. From start to finish this film will keep you entertained, wondering what will happen next. Monsters Inc was one of the first films I ever watched as a kid, so for it’s got to be a must-see for teens! In Monsters University, we see Mike and Sully fight for their place on the ‘scaring programme’ by entering a scaring competition with a small team of ‘nobodies’ who really don’t have much in the way of scaring skills. A really clever idea from Disney/Pixar and a film not to be missed this summer!

Kids will love seeing all the colourful monsters, adults will appreciate the story, and teens will, i’m sure, love seeing all their favourite childhood characters back on the big screen! There really is something for everyone in the latest offering from Disney.


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