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REVIEW – World War Z

120907h1World War Z (15)

reviewed by Dan Spracklen200px-4_stars.svg[1]

Brad Pitt stars in this new sci-fi thriller. He’s a retired military man, enjoying a quiet life with his wife and two young girls. That is, until, on the school run one day…. a zombie apocalypse begins. He’s called back into action to help figure out what this strange disease is, and how to stop the spread. Of course, this puts him and us as the audience in some tense and dangerous situations, as we follow Pitt as he tries to figure out what exactly is going on, and avoid being bitten by one of the ‘undead’ (and therefore becoming undead himself). Tense stuff! Not too much gore, though, which personally I think is a good thing – it allows more focus on the story and other action (and means the audience don’t get too queasy!). But will Pitt fulfill his promise to return to his family? With millions of zombies on the loose, the odds are against him.

Top notch visual effects and acting throughout, this is a definite must see for any sci-fi and/or thriller fans. Most of the American street scenes were filmed on location in Glasgow, Scotland (though, you can’t tell!), and all scenes on water, including a shot near the end of the film, which many of us locals will (or, should…) recognise as Lulworth Cove!

Thoroughly enjoyed it, well worth a watch! Remember, it’s a 15 so bring your ID if you look under 18 as you will be asked for it!

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