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REVIEW – Scary Movie 5

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reviewed by Dan Spracklen

If you’re looking for a slice of cinematic culture, top class acting, or a laugh-a-minute side-splitting comedy, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for something light and silly, this is perfect. Scary Movie 5 is just as silly as the first, this time taking the micheal out of films such as Paranormal Activity and The Cabin in the Woods. It probably helps if you’ve seen some of the latest horror films to be able to understand some of the jokes fully. Having said that, i’ve not seen them all and yet I still giggled.

The story follows a couple who have to take on some kids after their mother dies, these kids are of course possessed by ‘mama’. They go to live in a new house, which they believe to be possesed when strange things start happening. They set up cameras to record everything that goes on in the house, and what they find can be quite shocking…

With some very funny gags and visual comedy this film is good for a laugh, but should not be taken seriously. Starring Ashely Tisdale (High School Musical), Simon Rex (Scary Movie 4), Katrina Bowden (Piranha 3DD), and Katt Williams (Norbit), amongst others, it’s a funny essemble but don’t expect too much from the acting!

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