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REVIEW – The Odd Life of Timothy Green

200px-3_stars.svg[1]The Odd Life of Timothy Green (U)120816h1

Reviewed by Dan Spracklen

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a heartwarming quirky tale that will have more mature children and adults feeling all fuzzy. Although it works as a family film, I feel it is probably best suited to a more mature audience (and I don’t mean older people as such, just those who aren’t expecting a laugh a minute super easy film to watch, and those who like things that deal with deeper issues in a fairly light way).

This is the latest live action from Disney, and in it we follow the story of two adults living in a small American town who have been trying for a baby but can’t have one. One night they plant a box full of notes on what their child would have been like, and in the dead of the night.. Timothy appears. Timothy is a young boy who’s a little different from the rest – he has leaves on his legs for one. We follow Timothy as he goes about living with his newfound parents, but the story isn’t really about him… it’s about his parents. We see lots of revelations from them as the film progresses. The film also covers more adult issues such as employment issues (hours going down, losses of jobs and companies shutting down), trying for a child and a reflection of childhood. It ultimatley is a film for parents more so than children. Don’t get me wrong though, it is suitable for families with some funny bits too, certainly the kids in the screening I was in seemed to enjoy it, many leaving with smiles on their faces!

A good film, though not quite the fast-paced brilliance of The Croods

3 out of 5


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