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REVIEW – Identity Thief

132605h1IDENTITY THIEF (15)

200px4_starssvg11.pngReviewed by Dan Spracklen

Many laughs are to be had in this fun-filled new comedy from Universal Pictures, starring Melissa McCarthy (from TV’s Mike & Molly, also starred in This is 40), who brings alot of the humour to the film, with the character’s feisty antics, which, mixed with business-headed Sandy (Jason Bateman, Juno, Horrible Bosses) creates a very comic pairing! Expect lots of personality clashes…

I thought the film was well acted, and had a punchy upbeat soudtrack (featuring Cher Lloyd!?) which kept things flowing nicely. I do like my comedies, and this did not dissapoint. Thankfully, they had a whole host of more funny than they featured in the trailer! The story follows Sandy Patterson (Bateman) as he finds out he has had his identity stolen, by none less than Diana (McCarthy), and he goes on a journey across America to track her down. When he finds her, he must try and get her back to his boss, and the Police, to sort this out once and for all… Along their journey, expect plenty of disastrous happenings, the contents of which I will not tell you here, so you must watch the film to find out!film-review-identity-thief_jpeg-1280x960

This is one of those films that had the entire audience laughing out loud at many points in the film, which is clearly a very good thing indeed! The fantastic cast also includes Jon Favreau (Iron Man), Amanda Peet (coincidentally in a film called Identity in 2003), and Morris Chestnut (who is to star in Kick-Ass 2 later this year!).

I do recommend this highly enjoyable and heartwarming comedy!


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