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Reviewed by Dan Spracklen Rating: 3 out of 5


111895h1This gore-fest brings   the tale into the present day… but adds rather a lot of violence, swearing   and some nudity to the age old tale.


If you’re looking for   a film with decent character development, a strong story, brilliant continuity   editing and heart-felt, emotional love scenes… look elsewhere, as this film   has none of this. Having said that, it still remains an entertaining piece of   cinema. Why? Blood, guts, guns, swearing and humour. If you can’t stand gore,   this film really isn’t for you. Personally, I don’t normally watch films like   this but had heard mixed opinions on it so decided to go and check it out for   myself. There wasn’t as much gore as I’d been perhaps expecting, however its   BBFC rating does state “contains strong bloody violence and gore”, and I don’t   disagree that it should be a 15.


There is a story, with   a few twists, which basically follows Hansel and Gretel as they get hired by   the Mayor of a town to find the lost children and kill the witches. But on   their journeys they find some chilling facts about themselves. I feel the   characters could have been developed more, and more focus on the story could   have made this film a little better.


It’s just one of those   gory films that are fun to watch because of the levels of stupid violence –   if you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I mean!


There’s only 2 days   left to catch this film at the Plaza:

WED 13 MARCH &   THURS 14 MARCH – 14:20 (Screen 3), 18:20 (Screen 1) & 20:45 (Screen 1)

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