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A GOOD DAY   TO DIE HARD Cert: 12A  200px-3_stars.svg[1]
Reviewed by Dan Spracklen Rating: 3 out of 5


Now I’m not generally   a fan of action movies, but I went along to see this one, the trailer was…. Explosive.


The latest in the Die   Hard franchise stars Bruce Willis (Pulp   Fiction) and Jai Courtney (Jack   Reacher) in a ‘like father, like son’ duo trying to combat the bad guys. Their   acting is fairly decent, as you’d expect, but nothing to rave about there.


I was blown away by   the stunning action sequences, and loved the use of slow motion to capture   some of the most, erm, explosive moments of the film. If you’re a fan of   action movies, you will love this.


The only thing missing   from this film that would have got it an extra star is the story. What little   story there was had no real purpose, and was there seemingly just for a weak   justification for all the big guns. The ‘story’ is that John (Willis),   travels to Russia to help out his seemingly wayward son Jack (Courtney), only   to find that he is an undercover CIA operative working to prevent a   nuclear-weapons heist. This sets our scene, but the ending to the film is a   little disappointing in my opinion, as it doesn’t make a huge amount of sense   in relation to the rest of the story.


All in all, it’s a   fairly decent film, I just felt the story was quite weak.


If you’re a fan of   action movies, go see it. If you appreciate stories in films, maybe it’s best   to leave it. But don’t always trust I’m right, go see for yourself and make   up your own mind!

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