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MV5BNzMxNTExOTkyMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzEyNDc0OA@@__V1_SX214_200px-5_stars.svg[1]WRECK-IT RALPH (PG)

Reviewed by Dan Spracklen

Rating: 5 out of 5

When a film leaves you wanting to watch it again immediatley afterwards, you know it was good. Wreck-It Ralph is the tale of a bad guy, who doesn’t want to be bad any more, who leaves his game to prove himself a hero in another game, by ‘game jumping’. I can’t say too much about the story, but what I will say is expect a very strong storyline with lots of clever twists along the way. This film is perfect for both kids and adults alike, especially anyone who’s ever played a video game, and will remind some of classic arcade games. 579mx60w4q9134b926l4aox244_1

With its mix of heart-pounding action sequences, stunning animation, and clever gags, this film is an instant hit and a must-see over the upcoming half-term holiday. Adults will appreciate some of the comedy on a different level to the kids, but there’s something funny for everyone. The entire film is a feast for the eyes – I did find myself wanting to actually eat parts of the film, in the game ‘Sugar Rush’.. which brings me onto the 3D. I saw the 3D version and I have to say I was very impressed – the 3D was used to full effect and really added depth and atmosphere of the film. It lets you feel more involved in the film itself, something which not a great deal of 3D movies have so far been able to achieve. Saying that, it is more than likely just as good in 2D.

The talented voice cast includes, John C. Reilly (Step Brothers), Sarah Silverman (The Simpsons, School of Rock), Jack McBrayer (Despicable Me), and Jane Lynch (Glee, Role Models).

The film boasts an awesome soundtrack, featuring the likes of Owl City, Rihanna and even Skrillex, which i’ve already downloaded! From start to finish, the film had my eyes locked on the screen with my full attention. wreck-it-ralph-pstr01


3D: http://www.plazadorchester.com/film/wreck-it-ralph-in-3d

2D:  http://www.plazadorchester.com/film/wreck-it-ralph

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