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Seven Psychopaths (12A) (2hours)

Reviewed by Dan Spracklen

200px-3_stars.svg[1]Rating: 3 Stars


psychopaths-threeHaving heard all good things about this film from a few people, and after reading the summary (“A struggling screenwriter inadvertently becomes entangled in the Los Angeles criminal underworld after his oddball friends kidnap a gangster’s beloved Shih Tzu” – imdb.com), I thought i’d give it a go. Although not a dissapointment, this film was not quite what I expected – there was alot more drama and story in it that i’d been expecting, it’s less of a film you can just sit and laugh at, but more of something that gets you thinking. This is far from bad, but being advertised as a comedy i’d expected to laugh more than I did. Don’t get me wrong, though – there was plenty of funny bits in there, alongside a tiny bit of blood and violence, of course (what do you expect with the word “psychopaths” in the title?).

The film is very clever in the way that it ties bits of the story together, it allows you to make the links yourself without being too subtle, which I like – not many films can do that. In terms of acting, I thought that most characters were really well played, although I felt the gangster who’s beloved Shih Tzu had been stolen could have been played a little better. Visually, the film looks pretty decent, perhaps again slightly different from your typical comedy film – it seems a lot darker and more serious, alongside containing a fair amount of visual imagery which helps to tell the story.seven-psychopaths-rockwell21

Overall, I was slightly dissapointed aswell as being pleasantly surprised by this film – For a comedy, it’s not that great. But for a drama or drama-comedy, it’s fairly good. If you’d like to see for yourself you’ve only got 2 days left! It’s showing here at the Plaza on Tuesday 18th December (today) at 8.20pm and Wednesday 19th December (tomorrow) at 8.20pm in Screen 4.


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