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Taken 2

Taken 2 (12A)Image

Reviewed By Kate Maitland-Gleed

Rating: 4.5 Stars

‘Taken 2’… What can I say? Well how about… Wow! Guns, chase scenes, shouting, fights, awesomeness, this film has it all. More action than action man!!!

Liam Neeson, who plays Bryan Mills, is still the skilled, caring dad of teenager Kim (played by Maggie Grace). But he is worrying about something. Something that will change his life, as well as his daughters, drastically… The boyfriend of his daughter. But old habits die hard. Bryan soon finds out where his daughter is as he has fitted a tracking device in her phone. Dads hey! But Mr. Mills will soon have a far bigger problem on his hands… Or rather several big problems. Problems involving his daughter and his wife. Problems involving him…

This sequel brings out the skills of Kim as the fate of her parents rest in her hands. She is still timid, but when working with her father she is more than capable of driving a car away from the bad guys. And she thought she was going to fail her driving test again! But when his wife gets captured, things start getting sinister and Bryan means war. Will the family be reunited? Will Mills get out alive? Will I go and watch this film again? Well the lasts one’s easy to aImagenswer but the others you will have to go and watch the film to find the answer…!

There were points in this film that I couldn’t help shouting at the screen. Mind you my friend isn’t one to keep quiet when watching a good film either! You don’t have to have seen the last film to understand this one. Yes there are a few links, but nothing that will deteriorate your enjoyment of the film.  I really enjoyed every moment of this film.  As I’m sure you will too!

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