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The Lorax

What would you do if the person who you really fancied would only like you if you brought them a tree? Well, I would go and buy a tree! But what if the only place you could get a precious tree was from outside your city – in a forbidden place where no-one is allowed to go? Tricky question. What would you do?

Well, Ted (voiced by Zac Efron), broke all the rules and left his hometown of Thneedville, to find a beautiful tree for the love of his life, Audrey (voiced by Taylor Swift). Of course, this isn’t as easy as it seems… But with a little help from his mad grandmother, Grammy ImageNorma (voiced by Betty White), Ted finds his way out of the closely watched city, and into the wilderness. Strange contraptions and desolate planes, leads him to a strange house. Home to the Once’ler! This mysterious man (voiced by Ed Helms) shares his story about his encounter with the Lorax (voiced by Danny DeVito), and it soon becomes clear why no tree can be found in the city of Thneedville.

After dancing with fluffy bears, singing with humming fish, finding success and and feeding marshmallows to woodland animals, the Once’ler’s luck takes a turn Imagefor the worst and ends up destroying his relationship with the Lorax. Will it be too late to patch things up? Will Audrey get her tree? Will Ted get his girl? Will there be quite, fluffy bears skipping around world again? You will have to watch the film and find out!!!

Although I enjoyed this film, fell in love with a tiny bear called Pipsqueak and had a laugh, I am sorry to say that I was slightly disappointed with the Lorax. Although it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the film, it turned out that this was actually a musical. Lots of songs that didn’t fit into the scene. Also, I got the impression from the trailers, that the film was following the story of Ted and his time with the Lorax, but actually it was mostly about the Once’ler. I like Dr. Seuss films, but this one I sadly won’t be seeing again.

I give this film: ***

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