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Magic Mike Review

Magic Mike (15)

Reviewed by Rachel Geeson

Score: 4/5

Now this film is definitely worth watching for the girls out there as there is plenty of eye candy from start to finish.

Some people have compared Magic Mike to Full Monty, however I think it’s pretty different. This film is directed by Steven Soderbergh, who is best known for directing films such as Erin Brockovich and the remake of Ocean’s Eleven. Soderbergh has managed with Magic Mike, to make a classy film on a tacky subject with a very impressive cast helping out.

There are two main characters in the film, Mike played by Channing Tatum and Adam played by Alex Pettyfer. Along with Tatum being one of the sexy stars in this film he is also the producer.

The storyline for this film isn’t the best but it’s still enjoyable. Mike describes himself as an “entrepreneur”, who has been saving up money doing a number of jobs so he can fulfil his dream of becoming a craftsman of unique furniture. The main job that earns him the most money is stripping. One night he encourages his young new friend Adam to join him and the guys to have some fun and earn cash quickly. After the pair becomes popular working at the club Xquisite, the owner Dallas, played by Matthew McConaughey, has planned to expand their talents across to Miami.

The strippers in this film are quite a mixture. You have Channing Tatum, who fits into the film perfectly with his good looks and his dance skills that were previously seen when he starred in the Step Up movies. Next there’s Alex Pettyfer who resembles an Abercrombie and Fitch model, who although is slightly shy at the beginning he soon gets into his new working role. We then have supporting actor Matthew McConaughey who wasn’t a great character in the film, however he did get many laughs from the audience. The other strippers are Ken played by Matt Bomer (Suits), Tarzan played by wrestler Kevin Nash (Rock of Ages), Tito played by Adam Rodríguez (CSI: Miami) and Big Dick Richie played by Joe Manganiello (True Blood), who each bring excitement for both the viewers and the audience at the club.

There are many cheeky choreographed routines in the film, especially the lad’s version of “It’s Raining Men”, which I certainly enjoyed.

So girls if you’re with your friends and fancy seeing this funny film with plenty of flesh on show, then head down to the cinema.

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