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Dark Shadows – Review

Dark Shadows – Review

By Kate – Maitland-Gleed

Score 3/5

Some days, don’t you wake up and wish that you could sleep forever? Well for Barnabus Collins (Johnny Depp) he actually did! But sadly he woke up on the wrong side of the ‘coffin’ and goes on a rampage disposing of anyone who got in his way… Not the friendliest of greetings I must say! He finally gets to terms with his surroundings and finds out that he has slept for over 2 centuries and woken up in 1972. The year of blue eye shadow and rocking music as Depp soon finds out. He wanders back to his family home, which he was rudely taken away from 2 centuries ago, and finds his distant ancestors living there. Elizabeth Collins (Michelle Pfieffer), the woman of the house, welcomes Barnabus and slowly finds out his inner story as Depp unfolds the hidden secrets of the mansion. But then a dark cloud covers this family reunion as an old acquaintance comes back in to Barnabus’ life… Or rather death!

I think that this film follows the same sort of warped, dark genre that Tim Burton usually does. On the one hand, you have dark, mysterious creatures, death, blood and mild horror, but on the other hand, you have bright colours, hippies, comedy and Alice Copper… My parents really enjoyed this film because it was all the things that they grew up with… But not the vampires; they’re not that old! If the films ‘Stardust’ and ‘Death Becomes Her’ came together, it would give you a flavour of the climax of this film. There are elements of this film that would require adult guidance or supervision. Personally, I wouldn’t watch this film again as they have basically showed you all of the funny bits on the trailer, so there is not much to look forward to. Saying that, I am a very picky person!
I would give this film:


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