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American Reunion Review

American Reunion (15)

Reviewed by Rachel Geeson

Score: 4/5

The American Pie cast are all back for the fourth film in the franchise, American Reunion. Thirteen years have gone by since the gang were all together for the first American Pie film and although they have settled in with new careers and families, they are still essentially the same characters. Little has changed, and that is not always a good thing.

The film opens up by showing us Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) married with their two year old son. Sadly for them, their sex life has lost its spark and we are shown how they try to make themselves happy, which doesn’t turn out so great with a child in the house. They still love each other very much but the romance is suffering noticeably. Then we see Steve “Stifler” also known as “The Stifmeister” (Sean William Scott), who is acting just like his usual self, however surprisingly he’s working at an investment firm.  Next there’s Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) who has turned into a “housewife” as he works from home and watches recorded TV dramas with his wife. Oz (Chris Klein) now hosts an ESPN sports type show and is dating a very slutty woman called Mia. And Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) is well, Finch.

When I was watching American Reunion it seemed like these characters haven’t really grown up, they are still doing the same things that they did over a decade ago. Jim is still caught in embarrassing situations, his dad is still awkward, and Stifler is still annoyingly lovable.

In the film, there are the usual immature bodily jokes from the class clown, Stifler, and a “trousers down” kitchen moment with Jim, that turns slightly graphic. And an American Pie film wouldn’t be the same without the embarrassing father and son talks that take place between Jim and Jim’s Dad (Eugene Levy).  Throughout the story it is nice to see a role reversal between them, which allows Jim’s Dad a few gem moments to devilishly shine for the first time in the film series, which brings laughter from the audience.

We have as much anticipation as the boys to experience a great reunion, and predictable beginning aside to remind us of Jim’s endless troubles in the bedroom department, it’s rather comforting to be back in their awkward presence, and wonder what the weekend will bring out in them all.

Directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg have all the right credentials for injecting some much needed promise into this franchise and teasing out more of the bromance for these school friends. There is a far greater sense of this group’s tightness in this film, as they grow ‘wiser’ and have each other’s backs more, which is vital for the gags to work and revel in the knowing glances at all they’ve experienced.

One disappointment is there is not more of Finch in the story, and his mystery reveal is not as punchy as anticipated either. As expected, there are plenty of life morals to be learnt. However, the best gag of the lot is another Stifler triumph, a play on the “Stifler’s Mum” joke that brings a little hand punch cheer for fans.

I have to say I love the American Pie movies (the real ones, not the terrible spinoffs). And I was psyched to see American Reunion with the original cast. If you haven’t seen the first three films, this movie probably isn’t for you as the dialogue is packed with references to the earlier films, particular the first, so some of the jokes might go right over your head. But if you’re like me, and you loved the original, you should see this film. It’s not the best in the batch but it is still good.

While the film is bumpy in places, it is ultimately a success for any American Pie fans. Don’t expect your mind to be blown – just expect a few good laughs with some old friends from the class of ’99.

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