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We Bought a Zoo – Review

We Bought a Zoo – Review

By Katie Maitland-Gleed

Score 4/5

Now I am quite a tough cookie, but I must admit that this film reduced me to tears! But I was soon up-lifted by the witty, animal, humor and cute comments from young Rosie Mee (played by Maggie Elizabeth Jones). Although there is quite a slow start to the film, definatly stick with it, because the second half of the movie is really moving and will take you on an amazing cimematic adventure!

After Rosie and Dylan (played by Colin Ford) Mee lose their mother to cancer, it leaves their father; Benjamin (played by Matt Damon) distraught, not knowing what to do. After having a hug and a nudge in the right direction from his brother, Duncan (played by Thomas Haden Church), Benjamin desides to look for a new house. But did he ever think that it would take him here??? With help from his new employees, Kelly (played by Scarlette Johansson, Peter (played by Angus Macfadyen), Lily (played by Elle Fanning) and some animals, will brand new zoo owner, Mr. Mee get an up-and-running Animal Park in time for the inspection?

The showing was pretty full, but had more young people than I thought there would be. Although this is a PG there is some ocassional strong swearing. I would definatly recommend this film to anyone who loves animals, romance, humor, touching scenes, and a fantastic film based on a real life story! And as my teacher said, ‘Matt Damon… What more could you want!!!!!!’

I give this film:

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