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Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Review

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – REVIEW

By Katie Maitland-Gleed

Score 2/5 and 4/5 (depending on audience)
When a collection of 7 people (played by an all star cast) come together through different sets of circumstances, an amusing, and sometimes sad, series of events brings us to the ‘Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ in faraway India. Run by a hood-hearted but misguided young man called Sonny, this internet promoted home for the ‘Elderly and Beautiful’ gives way to feelings ranging from ‘Heaven’ to ‘Hell’.

Maggie Smith stole the show for me with her witty comments and dead-pan delivery. As a spinster in desperate need for a new hip, she imagines her stay in the hotel a quick in-and-out (taking her own supply of Hobnobs and Branston pickle with her!). Bill Nighy plays a very different role to normal, as a newly retired husband who has lost his savings by investing in a family business and is being made to pay for his mistake by his over-bearing wife, played by Penelope Wilton who isn’t ready to move into a ‘Beige Bungalow’.

Nighy befriends Judi Dench who plays the central character who also narrates throughout by the means of her newly acquired ‘blog’ skills. Being left short of money when she suddenly becomes widowed – Evelyn (Dench) feels the need for adventure and seeks a new life to find herself and what it is she wants for whatever remains of her life. Celia Imrie is there (looking gorgeous) in search of a man – and she is willing to pass herself off as Royalty to get one! She comes to realise that although her face may be older she needs to grab what is left of life and make the most of whatever is in store for her.Norman (Ronald Pickup) and Graham (Tom Wilkinson) complete the 7 who gel perfectly with their own individual stories.

I have to say that I was the youngest member of the audience and although the older members could obviously fully relate to the old pension joke, but personally i found it very cringeworthy!! Screen 1 was packed to the rafters, so this film definitely has great appeal for an older audience. It was interesting to see a small insight into the Indian culture as well – from arranged marriages to poverty.

With a tinge of sadness and the overall feel good factor I give this film but if you’re over 50 then

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