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The Muppets – Review

The Muppets – Review

By Kate Maitland-Gleed

Score 5/5

What more could you possibly want? Singing Chickens, ‘Fart-Shoes’ and a glamorous pig that works in ‘Vogue’! This alongside a comedic bear, an awesome frog, a drumming animal and cameo roles from people like; Selena Gomez, Whoopi Goldburg, Zach Galifianakis, Emily Blunt, Jim Parson, Rico Rodriguez and many more famous faces makes one of the best childrens films ever! Sorry just a small outburst of my enthusiasm for this fantastic film! Right back to business…

After three Muppets fans; Gary (played by Jason Segel), Mary (played by Amy Adams) and Walter (voiced by Peter Linz) take a trip to the orginal ‘Muppet Studios’, and find out some very unsettling news, they take it upon themselves to bring the Muppets back together. Starting with one ‘Kermit the Frog’ (Voiced by Steve Whitmire) who since splitting up with his fellow Muppets bagged himself a luxurious mansion in Hollywood! Lucky thing! Their next job is to actually get the show a celebrity guest… But how to do that? Well Animal (voiced by Eric Jacobson) might be able to help as he’s been in a celebrity anger management class… Hmmm… But who might be there… Oh yeah; Jack Black! Anyhow, will Jack go on the show? Will the Muppets get their show back on air? We’ll never know! Unless you watch the film!

This film was quite awesome! I was doubled up laughing in parts but others had me on the edge of my seat. With the previous showing packed out, this movie is definitely going to raise the roof! Once again with some mild adult humour to interest the older party in the cinema. I would definitely go and see this film again if I got the chance. I must phone up ‘Fozzy Bear’ and ask him were he got his ‘Fart-Shoes’ from! So without any further ado.. I present to you the MUPPETS MOVIE!

I give this film:

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