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Goon Review

Goon (15)

Reviewed by Rachel Geeson

Score: 4/5

Sean William Scott is the central character in this brutal comedy with violence, laughter, offensive language and some sexual content.

He plays nice but dim Canadian bouncer, Doug Glatt.  Labelled as an outcast by his brainy family, he isn’t sure what his “thing” is and refers to

himself as stupid many times throughout the film. Doug has a heart of gold but fists of fury. He is hired as an “enforcer” for an ice hockey team, after impressing their coach with his punching skills when defending his best friend.  Doug is tasked with the job of protecting the team’s star player Laflamme (Marc-André Grondin) from receiving another brutal hit. However Doug’s success at his role puts him on a collision course with the legendary enforcer Ross Rhea (Liev Schreiber).

As “Doug the Thug”, Sean William Scott does an authentic job to portray his tough but gentle character especially when showing off his emotional side whilst pursuing his love interest Eva (Allison Pill). Doug’s heartfelt courting is definitely different from the brash character of Steve Stifler, who Sean William Scott plays in the American Pie film series. Most definitely not playing against type is Eugene Levy, who turns up in a supporting role as Doug’s stepdad and generates a few laughs.Goon also contains a multitude of throwaway visual gags, such as pieces of rubbish randomly blowing in Doug’s face, which got many laughs from the audience.

The audiences might not care about ice hockey, but there are enough decent gags and winning performances to ensure that this tale of being battered in the rink is a worthwhile watch.

For a comedy that revolves around frequent blood-splattered violence, Goon is surprisingly good-natured.

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