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The Darkest Hour 3D Review

The Darkest Hour (12a)

Reviewed by Rachel Geeson

Score: 2/5

Once again our planet is invaded by aliens in another sci-fi movie.  The Darkest Hour is a Russian-American thriller film directed by Chris Gorak and produced by Timur Bekmambetov.

Two young American entrepreneurs, Sean played by Emile Hirsch and Ben played by Max Minghella, come to Moscow hoping to sell their new social networking software, only to find upon arrival their idea has been ripped off by the potential buyers. Feeling betrayed they head down to a local club where they meet two attractive tourists Natalie played Olivia Thirlby and Anne played Rachael Taylor. As they begin to get familiar the lights in the club go out. Walking outside they see what appear to be ‘falling stars’, but wonder turns to fear as these stars begin to disintegrate everyone they touch. It soon becomes clear that this is an alien invasion with the ‘falling stars’ turning out to be invisible invaders from space. The four must try to survive by hiding and running away from the terror.

The film has a basic plot with the predictable ending with similarities from  previous sci-fi films such as War of the Worlds, Independence Day and the Aliens Series, and from the most recent films like Cowboys and Aliens and Attack of the Block.

The Darkest Hour is still a worthwhile film largely for its cinematography and atmosphere. Its depictions of a de-populated Moscow are haunting, particularly of an empty Red Square. The computer-generated special effects are also truly impressive. Much of CGI has a vague feeling of “fakeness” which undermines the credibility of the imagery. However, the special effects in The Darkest Hour are seamless and create a realistic sense of a civilization under siege


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