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Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked – Review

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked – Review

By Kate Maitland-Gleed

Score 3/5

After mucking about on the cruise ship they are on, the chipmunks and chipettes find themselves in a spot of bother. Alvin (voiced by Justin Long), as always is out to cause trouble and what is his main priority on ship…. To make it a fun place to be! Yeah, like that’s going to work with a very suspicious pelican on his back (played by David Cross). The chipettes, Eleanor (voiced by Amy Poehler), Jeanette (voiced by Anne Faris) and Brittney (voiced by Christina Applegate) as usual are out to impress and after having a dance off with a group of fancy women, and Alvin getting caught up with a bit of gambling, Simon (voiced by Matthew Gray Gubler) leaves Theodore (voice by Jesse McCartney) alone in their cabin to go out searching for the feisty foursome. As warning Alvin and his 5 friends, Dave (played by Jason Lee) is forced to keep a watchful eye over them all… Until he falls asleep! So what happens now… Well I could tell you but that would spoil things… Lets just say, things go slightly wrong and a over-protective, sensible Simon suddenly changes to a français’ chipmunk who loves to jump off cliffs into swirling pools of water… Also known as Simone (voiced by Alan Tudyk) Finally, after searching high and low for Dave, the chipmunks find a strange woman called Zoe (played by Jenny Slate) who has lived on an island for 10 years… But don’t worry she’s not mad, she has friends to talk to… Who are all sports balls… But that’s beside the point…

With the cinema nearly packed out with a mixture of children and adults, I knew this film was going to be a big hit with the younger generation. Giggles, gasps and sighs were to be heard throughout the cinema… Although I found the chipmunk voices extremely annoying and there singing almost terrible, I found this film watchable but not something I would buy on DVD. The amusing, cute side of the chipmunks came out within the film and made it far more pleasurable.

In my opinion this film was better than the ‘Squeakquel’ which followed the first film. ‘Chipwrecked’ has more of a storyline although it nicks ideas from Tom Hanks’ ‘Cast Away’. If I were to change anything about this film, it would be to raise the certificate from a ‘U’ to a ‘PG’. As ‘U’ films aren’t supposed to make suggestive remarks of ANYTHING from ‘below the belt’. In this film there were 3 plus remarks, for example; Number 1, Dave gets hot coffee spilt on his crouch, number 2, Alvin says: ‘… My ACORNS!’ after flying into a tree and finally, Zoe makes the remark; ‘I just gotta wrap up my balls…’. Although this is probably to entertain the parents who have been dragged to watch this film, I think it would be better to warn them that there is a older content weaved into this furry, family film.

I give this film:

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