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Sherlock Holmes 2 – Review

Sherlock Holmes 2 – Review

Review by – Kate Maitland-Gleed

Score 5/5 

In my opinion, earning the title; ‘Best Sequel I Have Seen’ I believe this film will go down a hit with everybody. If you like adventure, war-fare, ‘bromance’, comedy and romance then this film is not for you! Yeah right… Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, has the whole lot. There’s something for everybody. After a dramatic start – very much the same way film 1 began, I knew this film was going to be a hit!

After excepting the fact that his ‘brother from another mother’, Watson (played by Jude Law), is getting married to the beautiful Mary (played by Kelly Reilly), the same old Sherlock Holmes (once again played by Robert Downey Jr.), takes on the role of best man. But the luxurious honeymoon Mr. and Mrs. Watson had arranged, has a complementary platter of guns, explosions, plots and a lot of shouting… Not the best wedding gift! On the plus side Sherlock’s brother – Mycroft Holmes (played by Stephen Fry), is there to help, bringing even more comedic acting to the film. With a larger part played by Mary, it shows that women are equally intellectual as the men! Funny, shocking, gripping and emotional scenes really brings the audience together.

These Guy Ritchie interpretations of the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ character is the thinking man’s ‘James Bond’ with more humour and action. The cinema wasn’t too far from being packed out! With a mixture of ages from about 11 to 50, it interests a wide variety! I’m sure it will interest you as well! And… It’s worth the ticket price just to see Robert Downey Jr. in a dress!!!!!!

I give this film:

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