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Puss in Boots – Review

Puss in Boots

Reviewed by Rachel Geeson

Score: 4/5

The feisty feline is back on our screens with this funny and adventurous film. The film is a spinoff prequel to the Shrek franchise, as it follow’s the journey of Puss in Boots before he made his first appearances in Shrek 2 (2004).

 Antonio Banderas’s voice returns in the character of Puss. The film makes good use of the fact that Puss is a charming rebel, as he is involved in a fast paced dance and sword fight sequence towards the beginning.  Puss also shows the audience his adorable cat side when he chases a light reflection from a mirror and slurping up milk.

Before he even met Shrek and Donkey, Puss in Boots grew up an orphan in the village of San Richardo. Known as the Diablo Gato, he would steal from the rich to survive and stop anyone with his sword who got in his way. During the Festival of Fire and the Chicken, he is told by bar patrons that Jack and Jill are in town and they have in their possession the mythical magic beans. Puss decides he will steal them in order to grow a beanstalk to the giant’s castle and steal the golden goose.

At Jack and Jill’s hotel room, Puss sneaks in, but so does another cat burglar. The two begin to argue and end up alerting Jack and Jill. Puss and the mysterious figure flee, but not without Puss chasing him down for answers. The chase ends up at an underground feline milk bar. To his amazement, he discovers that the he is actually a beautiful she, named Kitty Softpaws. She too is also after the magic beans because she is partners with Humpty Dumpty. Puss is angered that she would work with Humpty because he was betrayed by him many years ago which is why Puss has a bounty on his head to this day. Humpty, trying to make up for past mistakes, convinces Puss to help out so they can use the gold eggs to correct past wrongs. Puss reluctantly agrees but still doesn’t trust Humpty. Together all three embark on an adventure to go after Jack and Jill, steal the magic beans, and get the golden goose.

I would have to say I enjoy Puss in the Shrek films, I still would recommend this film to all ages as it will keep you laughing throughout.

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