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The Haunted Cinema Review

The Haunted Cinema

Reviewed by Rachel Geeson

Score: 3/5

Arriving at the haunted cinema, welcomed by some witches the evening began when me and my friend began to walk upstairs to Screen 3. The staircase was filled with darkness and halfway up the stairs we were met by two spooky characters followed by another one welcoming us into the screen. In Screen 3 there was a bar with food and a photographic area, as well as the rest of the audience. The audience were dressed up to suit the Halloween theme; with vampires in white face paint and blood, a doctor and his assistant nurse, one guy dressed as Jack from The Nightmare before Christmas with a matching puppet, a girl dressed as Poison Ivy, some wicked witches amongst other fancy dress outfits.

After the photographs were done from Captain Wizard Photography, a scary scenario took place as a vampire was chased through the cinema followed by a girls piercing scream. After that spooky sight we were escorted to the bigger screen, Screen 1, to watch the movie of the evening. Just before the classic 1958 film Dracula was shown, a man dressed as Van Helsing began to story tell. He did a very good job as he interacted well and involved the audience in his stories.

After the film, the audience showed their appreciation to the company, “A Bit of a DO”. They were in association with Dorchester Plaza Cinema to present The Haunted Cinema. The evening was a fun night that everyone enjoyed.

There are some things that could have been changed to have made this night even better, which would have been allowing the age group to be 15 and over. This would have attracted a wider audience and increased the numbers to help raise more money for charity, as a lot you could tell that a lot of effort had gone into the evening. Also I think it would have been a true Halloween theme night with the classic 1978 film, Halloween being screened instead. However that can be a good idea for next year.




Photos from this event coming very soon

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