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Johnny English Reborn – Review

Johnny English Reborn Review

By Kate Maitland-Gleed

Score 4/5

After disappearing off our screens in 2003, the beloved Johnny English bounces back with a new case to crack. Whether or not his does solve it is another question. New faces and new enemies to meet keeps this secret agent on his toes. With a trail of destruction left behind him, Johnny travels to a remote region of Asia to discover mind, body and soul. Hard training sends him back to London for his next assignment. With Gillian Anderson as Pegasus, a new, strict head of MI7, expectations are higher than ever. Will Agent English let them down? With fantastic, high-tech gadgets and a trusted companion, Johnny sets off on a journey that may save us all!

With the critics saying ‘…it does not follow in the footsteps of the first film..’, I’d have to agree. No, it’s not as funny or clever as film number 1, but Rowan Atkinson has still kept the old Johnny within the new film. Witty comments and brief bursts of comedy weaves in and out of this movie. This time there is a far greater amount of adult humour than last time. I think this is to keep parents and older members of the audience interested. So this film isn’t just for children. I know my Dad wants to go and see it! Although there is a new type of story line is to deal with, Tim Bevan and Oliver Parker (producer and director) manage it well.

I went to see Johnny English Reborn with a bunch of mates and we had to come back later as the first showing was booked out! And this was a week after it’s release – must be a good sign! Even when we came back the screen was packed!

Although it uses a fair amount of ideas from other action movies, it is a well put together and enjoyable film.

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