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Friends With Benefits–Review

Friends with Benefits (15)

clip_image002Reviewed by Rachel Geeson

Score: 3/5

When moving to the Big Apple it could be scary if you moved only knowing one person. But that’s just what Dylan did when he was offered a job to work at GQ magazine after being head hunter Jamie, convinced him to take it.

When the pair first met, it was a laugh out loud moment, as when Jamie first arrived at the airport to meet Dylan she realised she didn’t have a name board in order to get his attention and awareness when he came of the plane. So she used lipstick and a scrap piece of paper to make a sign, this however got lost from her grip and she ended up climbing on the luggage carrier belt in her high heels and skirt trying to chase the sign, Dylan sees the sign and takes it as Jamie finally grabs it, then realises it’s the person she was waiting for and the pair get in a taxi together and head over to the meeting. He’s offered a position and to make sure that he accepts she takes him on a tour of New York at night. There is a great scene in Time Square where a group of people dance around Jamie and Dylan. It is a feel good moment as it’s a realisation to Dylan that he is in a great place and accepts the job.

As he’s friendship with Jamie develops, they both agree to try to have a physical relationship with no emotions attached. However during the film when they decide to take a break and try to date other people it doesn’t go to plan. In a cringe-worthy scene, Dylan is with his date at his apartment and the girl seems quite paranoid by a phone call he gets from his sister. While he’s on the phone she tries to grab his attention by licking his armpit which causes the audience to laugh but also feel quite grossed out by what she just did.

Jamie’s dating experience however starts off well as she meets Parker. They get on really well and Jamie seems happy, until one morning after spending the night together Parker sneaks off but she catches him and he tells her that he wants to end it. So Jamie ends up going back home with Dylan back to Los Angeles. There Jamie meets his family. The time away from New York brings the friends together over a heart to heart on the Hollywood sign leading to one of them being air lifted away due to their fear of heights.

clip_image004Although the Jamie and Dylan have a couple of good days together, after overhearing some unsettling words from Dylan, Jamie leaves and heads back to New York. When Dylan heads back as well, he has to look after his dad who suffers from the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. After a teary conversation with his dad, he realises that “life is to short”, and he needs to win Jamie back. So when Jamie is waiting at Grand Central Station he surprises her with a big romantic gesture and as most of the audience have already guessed, they decide to be more than just friends and begin to date.

Although the film has a predictable ending it is one to watch, with a talented cast and a number of funny scenes.

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