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Zookeeper – Review

Zookeeper Review

Reveiwed by Kate Maitland-Gleed

Score – 3/5

This film draws a lot from Dr. Dolittle but put’s it own little marks on it. Griffin Keyes, (Kevin James – Paul Blart Mall Cop/Grown Ups), a zookeeper with a passion for animals is recovering from a very embarrassing proposal ending with quite bluntly, a ‘NO!’. After the shock had worn off he could get back to looking after the animals with help from his co-worker Kate (Rosario Dawson). I feel that Kevin James really plays his character well and brings his own sense of humour as always to the role.

When holding an engagement party in the zoo for his brother, his ex-girlfriend Stephanie (Leslie Bibb), the one who turned him down, appears as a guest (cringe worthy!!!). After thinking things through, she has discovered that she still has feelings for Griffin! Women ay! Now being in a zoo there tends to be animals. But normally the animals don’t have a clue what’s going on half of the time, but these ones do. A crafty giraffe called Mollie (Maya Rudolph) hears the conversation between Griffin and Stephanie and tells all the other animals!

All the other animals, including voices from: Cher, Judd Apatow, Jon Favreau, Faizon Love and Bas Rutten, start to discuss whether or not to help their keeper or to keep their opinions to themselves. After the head of the pack Joe the Lion (Sylvester Stallone) has warned the animals not to talk around Griffin, he carelessly lets it slip! So with the word out, the animals decide to help. With cheeky and hilarious comments from Donald the monkey (Adam Sandler – Big Daddy/Grown Ups) as he thinks he is far more important because of his thumbs, I found the long-winded parts far more enjoyable.

When grumpy and shy Bernie the gorilla comes round, things start to liven up a bit more. For his birthday, Griffin takes him to his dream restaurant. Now I won’t tell you where but I’ll ask you this, how many gorilla’s do you see getting brain-freeze at T.G.I Friday’s?! Things take a turn during the middle of the film but you’ll have to watch it to see if Mr. Keyes gets his girl!!!!

Although some parts are over acted and maybe a bit unbelievable, it still makes an enjoyable family film. It doesn’t have to be a rainy day, go and see it anyway!

I give this film

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