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Harry Potter 7 : Part 2 Special Midnight showing

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Special Midnight showing write-up. Thursday 14th July.

By Katie Maitland-Gleed

On Thursday 14th July, I attended a fantastic double bill showing of the last 2 Harry Potter films at the Plaza. Along with this fabulous opportunity to see the new and last Harry Potter film, there was a wonderful fancy dress competition. There were costumes from ‘Dumbledore’ to ‘Dobby’, ‘Snape’ to ‘A Centaur’ and even a perfect ‘Professor. Quirrell’. Before we went in I had the chance to interview a few Potter fans that were queued up down the street.

‘I loved all the films but if I had to choose 1 in particular it would have to be ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ or ‘The Half Blood Prince’. I must admit though, I did prefer the books.’ Said Rosemary Plant. She added, ‘The last half of ‘The Deathly Hallows’ I found had too much walking through the forest. It was also very dark. But I am very sad that this is all ending as my kids have grown up with this…’

Another interviewee, Hattie Cumber, said, ‘ I also prefer the books as they have more detail. Some parts of the film cut out all the emotions J.K. Rowling had put in the books.’ Her friends added, ‘… In some ways the films are better but that depends on your imagination.’ To end there interview they said, ‘We will obviously miss the Harry Potter films and are very sad that they are ending, but we can always re-read the books as they were so enjoyable.’ Hattie added, ‘Dumbledore is AWESOME!!!’

Just to refresh you on Part 1, ‘Mad-eye’ recruits some of our favourite characters to protect Harry from being killed. Although some lives we lost and George Weasly becomes ‘holy’, all is well as Harry is safe. Or so we think. The famous trio set off to find the Horcruxes which if destroyed, weakens Voldermort.

We find out what the ‘Deathly Hallows’ are and that the Elder Wand is buried with the beloved Dumbledore. The final scenes are of Voldermort stealing the Elder Wand and ‘showing off’ with it!

Now to get on to the good stuff – Part 2 which started at midnight with much cheering from the crowd who seemed to be made up of most of The Thomas Hardye’s School 6th Form! With opening scenes of Dobby’s grave, we knew this film was going to make people go weak at the knees. The next thing on Harry’s list of ‘Things To Do’, is to quite simply steal Bellatrix’s Golden Chalice (the next Horcrux) from the tightly guarded and protected Gringotts. I hope they’ve got there wire cutters!!! They finally find it and escape on the ‘guard dog’ (a huge fire-breathing dragon which takes out a lot of London roof-tops in it’s bid to escape) and destroy the chalice. 2 down, 2 to go! With Dumbledore dead, Professor. Snape is the new Headmaster of Hogwarts, much to Professor. McGonagall’s dismay, which is one step closer to Harry for Voldermort . The plot thickens when Harry re-visits Hogwarts, seeking help from Dumbledore’s dead sister who haunts the old school, because Dumbledore’s brother is resentful and doesn’t want to help Harry.

Professor. McGonagall knows what’s around the corner so prepares the school for something much bigger than a pillow fight! She is desperate to save her beloved Hogwarts, so brings the Masonry Soldiers to life to defend the entrance. Voldermort’s ‘Gang’ turn up mob handed at Hogwarts facing the best defence there is….. Neville Long-Bottom (who is no longer fat and spotty!!). Ron and Neville’s classic lines lifts the intensity of these dark times. The final Horcrux is the huge snake who is at Voldermort’s side at all times. Ron and Hermione go to find it with the Basalisk tooth but after almost being killed, they have the famous ‘kiss’ that Emma Watson has been talking about! (Whistles were filling the cinema!)

untitled-18-5All through the film there were times of laughter and of tears, there was noticeable sobbing and sniffing coming from the audience. For anyone who’s read the book, then they know what’s going to happen next to bring this era to an end, but you really need to watch this film because you won’t want to miss it. The CGI’s, editing and of course the music all add to building up the anticipation and expectancy of the climax. Although I thought it was a bit hard to follow in places, I did actually enjoy it much more than I thought I would, especially as it was 2.15am by the time it ended! I’m not going to spoil the ending but I would say one of the funniest things is a 40 something Draco Malfoy – you’ll see what I mean!

I give it a rating.

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  1. July 28, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    Just wish to quote this quote, as it amused me so greatly:

    ” “‘We will obviously miss the Harry Potter films and are very sad that they are ending, but we can always re-read the books” ”

    The films have “ended” only as much as the books, no-one is preventing any fan from re-watching a film!

    I saw part II today as I feel it’s a must – I’ve seen all the others, read all the books, even if by the last one I was only doing it for the sake of rounding of the series.

    I’m most interested to see what the next multi-sequel; huge interest blockbuster will be. Nothing has the excitement for opening night like Harry Potter has done.

    Screen 2 is awesome, by the way.

    (I may or may not have spent more time enjoying the technical superiority of the set-up in there to home and other theatres/cinemas than the film itself…)

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