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Larry Crowne – Review

Larry Crowne

Reviewed by – Kate Maitland-Gleed

Score – 4/5

By opening with an E.L.O track, I knew this film was going to be ok! The writer, producer and director of this film, Tom Hanks, also plays the happy and content ‘U-Mart’ employee Larry Crowne. But after being ‘let go’, due to not having been to college but working in the Navy for 20 years, he has to pick up the pieces of what is left of his divorced life. Struggling with money as well, Crowne goes to the bank for help, but there is no hope there. Larry is at the depths of despair……… but not for long. After seeing a moped at a gas station and realising how cheap they are to run compared to his own gas guzzler, he swaps his T.V for the moped his neighbour is selling in his regular yard sales. A booklet, about a nearby college, is also at the handy yard sale. What will Larry Crowne do?

Well, I can answer that. He enrols himself in college and has a new tutor, Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts). With Mrs. Tainot not amused about having to work at 8am and her lazy husband (Christopher Masterson – Hal in Malcolm in the Middle) at home, she is not the happiest of people to be running a class of new students. Soon Crowne gets a part time job at a coffee house and he is back cooking like he did in the Navy again. Larry quickly makes several young moped mates, including a young girl called Talia, who soon changes Larry Crowne to ‘Lance Corona’, a ‘Feng Shui’ student with a dream and a moped. While Larry, or shall I say Lance, is driving around with his new friends, Mercedes is having trouble with her lazy husband. With her best friends rum and gin with her, she leaves her husband in the car after a fight. Larry to the rescue as he picks up his tutor and drives her safely home, when a rum-induced kiss means Mr. Crowne and Mrs. Tainot end up connecting more than planned,

With their little secret kept quiet, Mercedes soon loosens up a bit and gets the class more active. But the year is almost up and so is Larry’s college course. He gives his house back to the bank, leaves his neighbourhood and rents a flat above Talia’s shop, finally finishes college and Tainot realises she likes Crowne more than she thought.

This film makes a pleasant and watchable change to the special effects, complicated plotlines and over-edited films we have been used to watching. It is likeable, gentle and I think is aimed at a more grown-up audience. After hearing what the critics had to say about it, I don’t think they had actually watched the film properly themselves. So sit back and prepare to have a nice, uncomplicated hour and a half and enjoy the film for what it is.

Score 4/5

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