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clip_image002Bridesmaids (15)

Reviewed by Rachel Geeson

Score: 5/5

Bridesmaid is the female version to The Hangover. It’s a romantic comedy that centres around Annie and her experiences as a maid of honour to her childhood best friend, Lillian’s wedding.

A maid of honour has certain duties when helping her best friend plan the greatest day of her life.

As many of you know, the bride chooses a maid of honour that is most likely to be her closest and truest friend who she believes will be there for her throughout the wedding planning process. That’s why Lillian chose Annie as her maid of honour.

Annie is a single woman in her mid-30’s living with Gil, played by the funny Little Britain star, Matt Lucas, and his lazy sister Brynn. Her dream bakery failed due to recession. After she lost her bakery, she also lost her boyfriend and all her savings and ended up working in a jewellery shop selling engagement rings. She has a sexual relationship with the selfish Ted, but always hopes for something more. This comes in the form of police officer Nathan Rhodes, when they first meet after he pulls her over due to broken tail lights for her car. She meets up with him many times and their friendship blossoms. Nathan tries to encourage Annie to set up a bakery again; however she is too caught up in the chaotic wedding plans and the competition with a bridesmaid in the bridal party.

clip_image004The bridal party consists of Rita, who’s a wife and a mother in need of a good time; another is sweet newlywed Becca, who missed out on having fun in her college years, sister to the groom Megan, who is a happy go lucky man eater. And finally there’s Helen, the beautiful and vain wife of Lillian’s fiancée’s boss.

Annie soon becomes jealous of Helen and Lillian’s friendship and this is where the trouble begins and the laughter increases. The funniest scenes for me where when the ladies were trying on their dresses, the extravagant bridal shower, one member of the bridal party being body slammed on a plane and a scene where a young girl wants to buy a necklace reading “Friends Forever”.

This film is a definite must-see as it had everyone in the cinema laughing from the opening scenes to the end credits.

Just a note for those who are a bit sensitive, there are some sexual scenes and strong language.


Score: 5/5

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