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Green Lantern – Review

Green Lantern

By Kate Maitland-Gleed

Score 3/5

I have to be honest and tell you that I wasn’t too keen to see this film really as it’s not the sort I’d normally choose, and in the first 5-10 minutes I began to wonder what on earth was going on with intergalactic spacecraft whizzing around dodging who-knows-what (although it did go through my mind that X-box and Playstation game freaks are gonna love this!). Then enters Hal Jordan – played by Ryan Reynolds, who is an F35 pilot trialing dogfights with Sabre aircraft at a Government base, and touches of "Top Gun" spring to mind with the flying scenes. Hal has memories of seeing his father die in a military air crash and feels the need to be the best and take over from where his Dad left off. By now, my interest was growing and I was eager to see what happens next, and I also loved Hal’s driving skills in his Starskey and Hutch type car which was the first indication that there was in fact some humour in this film! Meanwhile, nearby, an alien spacecraft crashes which nearly, but not quite, kills the pilot, who has to find a replacement Protector of Sector 3 and take on the responsibility of the Green Lantern and Ring (the lantern is like the battery charger for the ring!), and this is where the two worlds collide as Hal becomes the chosen one and is whisked away to begin his training whilst my new best friend Geoffrey Rush does a great voice over!

Meanwhile, back on earth, Dr Hammond (played by Peter Sarsgeard) is kidnapped by 2 Government men to be taken to a secret location to perform an autopsy on the now-dead alien that has been retrieved from the spacecraft. Dr Hammond, son of the local Congressman, finds his life takes on a sinister turn when he begins to rummage around inside the alien!

When returned to earth to practise his special powers as an intergalactic peace keeper, we meet the love interest – Carol Ferris (played by Blake Lively), who is the daughter of the aircraft mogul that owns Ferris Aircraft and has history with Hal and is also a fellow F35 pilot. Whist being beaten up in the car lot, Hal has the chance to use his special powers to fight evil and disappears in a ‘green’ bubble – if you hadn’t realised by now, green is THE colour in this alien world – chosen because it is the strongest source of energy in the universe. Hal has to now master the power of the ring and meets Sinestra played by Mark Strong (Stardust, Young Victoria and Sherlock Holmes) and Hal discovers that he has to show no fear in order to conquer evil.

Back in the lab, poor old Dr Hammond is not feeling good and his blood test shows abnormalities and he causes a spectacular helicopter crash at a celebration party which proves that Hal is getting the hang of his Green ring. There are big overtones of Clark Kent and Lois Lane in some of the Superman type scenes, but hey, he is an action hero! Meanwhile, Dr Hammond is deteriorating fast and begins to look like he’s got a really bad peanut allergic reaction – you’ll see what I mean – and Hal and he become embroiled in a fight between good and evil. Good old Carol helps Hal overcome his fear, but does he have the strength and power to overcome the evil that is threatening to take over the world? I suggest you see Green Lantern to see how things turn out, and for a film that I started out not enjoying, I actually ended up quite excited about. I rate this film out of 5.

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