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Films based on Gaming–My choices

What games would I make into a movie?

By Jamie McDonald

With the talks of ‘Alternative Content’ coming to the Plaza and the increasing spread of video games to new audiences, it will be interesting to see what stories and ideas are plucked up and made into a movie. With me being a huge computer gamer and experimenting with bringing video games on screen I have compiled a list of games which I would make, or at least pay someone else to make if I had piles of spare cash.

5. Duke Nukem – With last weeks release of Duke Nukem Forever and this title still in my X-Box and still loving it, how could I not choose it. being a veteran player of the original games I just simply love the rude, crude over the top violence and ass-kicking action. This would be one of those films to put beside the Expendables and Die Hard. Loads of action with a hidden story. This is one of those moments in gaming history when a misogynist, rude, potty mouthed hero with a giant gun is actually thanked for saving mankind several times. My alternative – Saints Row – more funny, rude over the top action.

4. Uncharted – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and it’s sequel Among Thieves were huge hits for the Playstation 3. These tomb raider style action games incorporated puzzle and treasure hunting with fast paced action. The second instalment kept me buzzing purely because of it’s high production cut-scenes (the bit between the gaming sequences) and the way the story flowed and developed just like an action film. With the success of the tomb raider films and similar premise, these would be a hit. The film is being developed and even Brad Pitt is being asked to play the legendary Nathan Drake. My alternative would have been the epic Infamous series.

3. Unreal Tournament – This is one of my favourite games of all time, losing most of my teenage years to all of the 6 games in the Unreal Saga. The idea of bringing violence and measurable death into a game situation has been toyed with before in movies. Think of Death Race (and 2000), Running Man and the recent Gamer. To take violence off the streets the Liandri Corporation invented the tournament. It would be a shallow storyline but for fans like me it would be a pleasing bloodbath and action packed 90 minutes. My alternative would be Carmageddon – Although considering it was based on Death Race 2000 to start with it’s already been done.

2. Guild Wars – The destruction of the typical fantasy kingdom near the beginning of the first Guild Wars to me rewrote clichés and brought this fantasy title to life. With humanity under great threat by the Charr (Big lion like monsters) who are just as intelligent and just as cunning as we are. The help of a few strong fighters, mages and hunters is the key to bring the kingdom back where it was. I’m a fan of fantasy in general, but GW has some extra charm to it. I also chose this over other online titles such as World of Warcraft simply because the story is much stronger and would convert into a film with ease. My alternative to this would be the huge and addictive Eldar Scrolls games.

1. Halo – Anyone who knows me personally will know I’m a Halo fan boy. I was there when it all happened. I used to rinse the online PC servers, I know all the stories back to front and I would give my gaming thumbs for this great story of good verses evil to be made into a film. With rumours of Peter Jackson being involved, it’s hard to judge when or if this will ever be made. To me this story is about mankind pushing together to make a strong force against not only a crazy religious mind washing alien race but also a another threat of a parasitic life form which wants to destroy everything. With huge sci-fi set pieces and some strong characters this needs to be made. My alternative would be Gears of War. Another good verses evil battle to save mankind, this time with giant locus like aliens.

Anyway, this is my off-topic ‘I wish these films existed’ rant. Games have had a good look into Hollywood with the fantastic Tomb Raider and Resident Evil films, the one off goodies of Doom and Silent Hill, and even the terrible but fun to laugh at films by Uwe Boll such as Postal and Alone in the dark.

Here’s some Wiki links to the games in question if you would like to dig deeper

Duke Nukem


Unreal Tournament

Guild Wars


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