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Reshuffling the Oscars–Should they do more?

Who Deserves the Awards?

By Jamie McDonald

Earlier this year the film industry was thrown into it’s usual tense moments of the Oscar season. Awarding the best and the brightest people in films with iconic golden statuettes and a huge sense of pride. This year was highly dominated by the King’s Speech. This film was well deserving of many of it’s awards and even though I didn’t agree with them all, clearly the critics and audiences did. One thing I have always noticed about the Oscars however is the lacking of awards for many important roles in film development. Recently this has been thrown into light again with the famous stunt coordinator Jack Gill pushing once again for a stunt based award to be introduced. Currently there is an award for best visual effects, best cinematography and best editing, but not one for best stunts. Admittedly not all films would apply to this category, however not many would to best original song or best animated picture, but they still exist. This category could also be stretched to doubles as well as coordination. An example of this would be an award for Sarah Lane for the dancing in Black Swan. Although there is still much controversy to the amount of dancing the double was needed for, she was clearly an important role. Natalie Portman deserved Best Actress for her role in this title but it would of been that extra honour to the producers and Aronofsky (The film’s Director) to have the coordination and casting for the doubles be awarded.

Jack Gill recently was stunt coordinator for Fast Five (the latest in the Fast and Furious saga) and did an eye popping job at making the car chase scenes as real and dramatic as possible. In an interview with MyDVDInsider he reveals more and go into details of some of the hardest scenes in this film. Does he deserve the same recognition that a Director, Actor or Writer gets? I would say yes, however it’s up to the industry to decide.

Another shuffle recently came with announcement that the Best Film award will have a different number of nominations. This could give more box office smash films the chance to be up against the critic choices. However it could also swing the other way restricting it to only the few original ideas, even if the film was hugely successful. With all critique, people have different views and different styles. My best films of last year were Tron: Legacy, The Expendables and Megamind, but alas they didn’t feature in the awards. I still will stick to the argument that Mickey Rourke deserves an award for the monologue he gives in The Expendables while painting the guitar, it nearly brought a tear to my eye.

click here to read the interview with Jack Gill

click here to read more on the complexities of the Best Picture reshuffle

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